Ramadan Program Highlights

Iftar will be served daily throughout the month of Ramadan. All are welcome. Full sponsorship is $600/day for about 250-300 people. 

Isha prayer will begin at 10:15 PM until July 4th followed by Taraweeh prayer. From July 5th to the end of Ramadan, 'Isha Prayer will be at 10:10PM.

No child will be allowed running around the Mosque without adult supervision. FHF is encouraging to parents to supervise their children, Children under the age of 15, who are not praying and are without adult supervision will not be allowed sitting in the musela area.

Short lectures after Salat Al-Fajr by Shaikh Khalid Omer  Short lecture will be after the first four Rakaas of Taraweeh Prayer by Shaikh Khalid Omer

FHF will have its annual fundraising Iftar night on Friday, July 3rd. You and your family are invited on this month of giving to contribute.

Your early contribution of Zakat Al-Fitr will be greatly appreciated and will assist us in distributing to our needy families in a timely manner. Cash equivalent is $10.00 on behalf of yourself plus every one of your dependants.

FHF Masjid will be open for Itikaaf during the last 10 days of Ramadan. Registration is required; please contact brother Abdilmalik @ (202) 340-4921 for registration form. Unsupervised children are not allowed to stay in the center.   May Allah (SWT) accept our fasting, prayers, charity and all good deeds, Ameen!!! The First Hijrah Foundation

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